Update and new Instagram

Hi there!

I haven’t posted in a while. I actually have a new full-time job which has taken up my entire life, besides weekends. I will try to post every weekend with life ideas and updates.

There has been a few changes in my life, along with this blog. I’m giving it a new look, which is still a work in progress, bear with me. But I have been thinking over a lot of things and what direction I want to take in my life, and I thought I’d give you an update.

Travelling is still on my list, but I have also come across a great online course that is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Something I have always wanted to get into but found the on-campus schooling too expensive. While the online course is still pricey, its nothing compared to private colleges with similar courses. If I can save enough money with my new job, I hope to travel while taking the online course, but that is just an idea at this point.

I have been playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in my free time, which takes place in ancient Greece, and it has introduced me to Greek culture in such a great way, and now it is now one of my top places I want to visit. It is a beautiful place, and Greek food has always been in my top favorites (even though I have yet to try authentic Greek food). Another destination that has caught my interest is Denmark, and if I ever do a working holiday, that is definitely a place I am considering.

I’ll be honest, this job takes up all of my time and I am sometimes struggling to get used to it. I am trying to work on my art as much as I can, such as the weekends, as I am finally getting into digital art. I won’t have much time for commission based work, so I am hoping to sell some prints. Art is definitely my passion, and it is the subject of the course I want to take, so I want to work on my skills as much as possible.

I also started a new instagram about home décor and my own adventures! You can find it on the home page of this blog, or find it at @woodenstol on instagram. I will be basically using it as a blog only with pictures, so come join me on my travels!

Different ideas and possible plans come and go out of my head, and I hope I find the right path for me. Working on my career as an artist is a great first step.

Thanks for reading!

I will see you soon.